Amana 4.8 Cubic Foot Electric Range in White, AER5823XAW

With a giant capacity, the new electric range by Amana will cook up all your favorite meals easy peasy. One of the main features of this extra-size electric range is its oven, which is extra-large and makes it easy to keep an eye on the food being prepared inside it. Amana has done all its customers a great favor by employing a Spillsaver cooktop that is as smooth as anything you have ever laid your eyes on, therefore makes it extra easy to clean off those spills that bothered you so much with your  dull colored present electric range.
Extra Capacity 4.8 cu. ft.

A number of housewives had registered the complaint that their Amana electric range lacks the capacity that they enjoyed in electric ranges by the competitor companies, and there was fear that a considerable number of users will change sides as far as Amana is concerned. This time Amana has brought out its guns and proved to you that the premier electric range manufacturers can deliver the goods with this 4.8 cu. ft. machine ready to cook your favorite meals.

Oven Controls with Touch Screen

Say goodbye to the good old days when you had to rotate on all those knobs, as the touch screen is here, and the controls are so easy that the kids will have a ball making their favorite pie or spaghetti.

Maintain Temperature of Food

There is no need to shut the oven off in Amana’s electric range, as your food will be cooked to the right temperature and there will be no further heating. The system will stop and let you come on later to check on it, and take your food items away with ease.

Extra Sized Windows

Often times we wonder how the food is cooking? There is no need to wonder now, as you can see it clearly through the extra-large oven window on Amana’s new electric range.

Innovative Cooktop Design

There is no need to spend hours cleaning off the spill to every last detail in between the edges. What you need is raised edges that make it easier for the spill to pile up at one corner and stay there. The stainless steel smooth surface is really easy to clean, and you will be done with the job in a heartbeat.

Extra Storage Space

Keep your posts and pans where you need them with the extra storage space that saves time, as all your accessories are in one place.

A Clock with a Timer

There are two advantages to the digital clock you have on your Amana electric range. Surely, it displays the current time, but the real useful thing is that it reminds you about how long it has been since you have been cooking, so you can keep track.

A handle for the Towel

Even with a self-cleaning oven, there are spills, and you need the towel by your side all the time. There are those electric ranges with the towel just squeezed around the oven handle, which just does not look right, but it is not the case with Amana electric range with an appropriate place for your towel.

Amana 4.8 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning White Electric Range

A self-cleaning oven makes the electric range from Amana a hot item. It features a cooktop, which is a glass-ceramic spillsaver. The range features oven controls that are delay-bake, and have pendant Keep Warm settings, which will help you give time to other chores, as cooking will always be on schedule.

A Capacity of 4.8 cu. ft.
A plus sized capacity is there to make it even easier than the last installment in Amana electric ranges to cook up the meals you like with such as ease you might have not imagined before.

Automatic Touchscreen Electronic Controls
Now you do not have to press on to those knobs, as the only thing you need is to set the temperature and bake time, and you are ready to go.

Windows That Are Larger Than Life
Extra-large windows help you keep track of how much the food is cooked without having to open the oven door every five minutes.

A cooktop Design to Avoid Spillovers
The electric range has raised edges, which allow for easy clean up, whenever someone has made a little bit of mess.

Extra Space for Pots and Pans
It has a special compartment to keep your pots and pans right where you need them.

Elements 10” Wide
In the case of most home solutions, the space for pots and pans is not sufficient, but it is surely not the case with Amana electric range with a surface area fit for your larger pots and pans so that there is enough room for you to cook another meal on the successive spot.

A Cooking System at Ideal Temperature
Now you can set the temperature of the oven with a dual use of broil and bake elements, in addition to the preheat setting.

A Towel Bar for Easy Access
We all hate having to screw a towel in the oven handle, but it gets used so often that one just has to stick a towel or two around the electric range. Now with the dishtowel hanging conveniently by the door of the oven, it will not only look like it is in the right spot, but also be handy in its function.

A light in The Oven
Have you ever imagined a well-directed spot light right in the oven to let you know how the food is doing? This is quite handy whenever there is dim light in the kitchen. Watching the progress of your food was never easier and more convenient.

An Oven Adjustable to the Soil Level
There is no need for you to get your hands dirty, as this oven will do all your dirty work. A self-cleaning and adjustable electric range, which can be adjusted according to the soil level, that is in your oven.

Oven Countdown Timer
There are times when you will return home in 15 minutes, and want the oven to start baking your food at the exact time your car parks in the drive way. This is possible with Amana’s electric range that has a delay bake timer, which is always ready for your command.

Amana 5.0 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Electric Range

Amana brings an electric range with a much larger window where you can see what’s cookin. Now, you don’t have to keep it clean, because it comes with a self-cleaning storage drawer and oven. There is even an easy to use Touch based electronic oven control, which is easy peasy to control, as one can set temperature and bake timings with the tip of their fingers.

Key Features

A capacity of 5.0 cu. ft.
Amana used to get requests by its customers to widen the electric range capacity, so it becomes easy to quick up their most liked meals, now; it is surely possible with the Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Electric Range.

An Oven That Cleans Itself
A self-cleaning oven will get the temperature right with the automatic heat settings that provide the right fluctuation.

Plus Sized Oven Window
There is no need to open the oven door, as the extra-large windows will help you keep abreast of the dinner, therefore saving time.

A Temperature Maintained Cooking System
The electric range provides temperature monitoring for the purpose of both broiling and baking, as the temperature in the oven remains consistent.

Touch System for Electronic Controls
All you need is a touch and the work will be done by the electric range. Electronic controls on this device are there to set up the right temperature and bake time.

A Cooktop Design That Saves From Spills
The electric range has raised edges that contain spills, which makes it easy to clean up after a little bit mess.

The Burner
A 12,500 BTU sealed burner made up of steel, and has grates made up of stainless steel.

A Boiler Located Within the Oven
There is no need to mess around with another boiler, as the boiler is one within the oven.

A Storage Drawer
You have a storage drawer, which provides easy reach for the pots and pans. This is one of the many additions in the electric range, which save precious time.

Cooking Surface Made of Porcelain Steel
Sometimes you just have to spill the beans. There is no need to worry, as with the smooth surface, it will be so much easier to clean up.

A Towel bar Right at the Door Handle
Some spills are only made for the towel to clean off. The same is the case with the dishtowel hanging by, and ready for you to snatch at any time.

A Digital Clock with Stop Watch
It provides you the time of the day. It has an alarm system, and will keep time of how long it has been since the Electric range has been put on, so you know what’s been cookin.

Light withinthe Oven
The oven has interior light which is in the form of a spot light, and indicates the progress to let you know if it’s done or not. Electric range interior light is especially useful during night times if your overhead light is at the wrong angle.

Amana 4.8 Cubic Foot Self-Cleaning Electric Range, AER5830VAS, Stainless Steel

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Product Description Amana 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range. Get a hot new range with a glass-ceramic Spillsaver cooktop and self-cleaning oven. Plus, the delay-bake oven control and the Keep Warm setting let you cook on your schedule. Product Features       Additional Features 4.8 cu. ft. Capacity The capacity in this electric range will help you cook up your favorite meals with ease.   Easy Touch Electronic Oven Controls It's touch and go! Setting the bake time and temperature is a snap with these easy-to-use electronic controls.   Extra-Large Oven Window Feast your eyes on this. An extra-large window helps you keep track of dinner without having to open the door.   Spillsaver Upswept Cooktop Design Sometimes you can't avoid a little mess. A smooth, seamless surface with raised edges contains spills for easy cleanup.   Storage Drawer Storage drawer keeps pots, pans and lids within easy reach.   Large 10" Elements Larger cooking elements provide more surface area to heat bigger pots and pans more evenly.   Element Type(2) 6", 1,200-watt and (2) 10", 2,500-watt ribbon radiant elements.  Temp Assure Cooking SystemEnsures a consistent oven temperature with a preheat cycle and dual use of the bake and broil elements.  Towel Bar Door Handle Spills can strike at any time—be ready to strike back with your dish towel hanging on the oven door, ready for action.   Interior Oven LightTurn this on to shine a spotlight on your food as it cooks, making it easier for you to watch the progress.  Adjustable Self-Cleaning OvenLet the oven do the dirty work with this oven that cleans itself and can be adjusted to fit the soil level in your oven.  Delay-Bake Oven ControlSet the start time for maximum convenience. This control lets you program the oven to be ready when you are.  Custom BroilProgram the broiler accordingly, choosing the higher heat for meat and lower heat for delicate desserts.  Keep Warm SettingMaintains the temperature of finished food without cooking it further.  Parts & Accessories Range Power Cords These industrial-grade cords are electrifying. And that's exactly what you need them to be. Successfully hook up your electric range and you'll have that pizza made in no time. 6', 4-wire, 240v, 40 amp #PT600 4', 4-wire, 240v, 40 amp #PT400 4', 3-wire, 240v, 40 amp #PT220 Gas Grate & Grill Cleaner Clean grease, grime and food stains off your grill indoors or out. This easy-to-use cleaner works great on porcelain, cast iron, chrome or glass surfaces. It also removes mineral deposits, rust lime scale and soap scum, so use it all around the house. Porcelain-Coated Broiler Pan This broiler pan features a porcelain coating that helps it drain easily. Smoke and splattering are minimized, making cleanup easy. Before You Buy How often do you clean your current oven? Is it a difficult task? Amana ranges with the self-cleaning feature offer the option of selectable heat levels, so you can choose the lower levels for light soils and higher heat for the heavy buildup. Does your current range allow you to program the baking start time? The Delay-Bake oven control lets you prep the meal on your time schedule and still have it ready for dinner on time. What kind of convenience features does your current range offer? Make kitchen tasks easier with features like Delay-Bake oven control, Keep Warm setting, Custom Broil, a Spillsaver glass-ceramic cooktop and a self-cleaning oven. How much cooking and baking do you do in your home? The Amana lineup includes ranges that fit every cook's needs. Basic models feature coil elements paired with great oven capacity, while top-of-the-line models include things like convection cooking and a glass-ceramic cooktop. Dimensions Key Considerations Tip #1 Measure the space for a new range as well as any doorways or hallways the appliances must fit through. Tip #2 Before beginning installation, gather all tools and parts required to make the process go quicker. Tip #3 To properly install your range, determine the type of electrical connection you will be using. Tip #4 If using a power supply cord kit, be sure to us a UL listed kit marked for use with ranges and rated at 250 volts minimum. See installation instructions for more details. Warranty Information Limited One Year Warranty - Parts and Labor - For one (1) year from the original retail purchase date, any part that fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Refer to or the individual product Use and Care Guide for warranty details.

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